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An Almost Perfect Moment

and the song that broke the silence

Something Manic
11 April 1988
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"Tonight I am a soft and untamed thing and I will wrap my breath round you till your exale comes clean...and you are the buried penny at the bottom of the pool, so I guess, I guess that makes me the fool diving deep for you...and you might just be a shiny thing, but you are the shiny thing I am pursuing, and when i said you talk too much it was cause there was stuff i'd rather you'da been doing, and then you take my breath, I say, hey I need that to get back to the top, but we're beautiful down here, you say, you know girl the world won't stop...we are sitting in the window and your forehead is red hot and touching mine, and I am checking my pulse making sure it hasn't quit on me..."
Ani Difranco-Pulse